Monday, April 16, 2012

Painting BIG

My inner mermaid 48" X 36" or 3ft x 4ft, it sounds even bigger when measured in feet.  To get the paper this big I taped 4 pieces of 18 x 24 paper together.  When I took the paper off the wall where I painted it I really had no where to put it. I ended up putting it on a different wall in my studio, just so I could look at it more.  All the other paintings I did fit right into a portfoilio I made with poster board. She was fun to do and it took a long time and a lot of paint.

This is my last week in BIG and I may go even bigger.  Some of the artists in the past have done painting as tall as they are so I think I want to try that. So I have 6 pieces of paper ready to be taped together. i have loved taking this class. Connie Hozvika is just amazing, being a professional teacher she really knows her stuff and how to run a class. I have to say that I have taken a lot of online classes and my favorites so far are Mystele's Gut Art and BIG.

Now the reason these are my favorites is because they did not show me how to paint like they did in a step by step way.  Don't get me wrong there is value in those kind of classes when you want to learn how to paint something in particular. I think the problem is you end up with a lot of paintings who look like the teachers work. Not enough emphasis is put on using the ideas but doing it your own way.

These classes broadened my view of myself as an artist, they gave me confidence to explore in my own way. I am not the same person I was before taking them. BIG has really opened the world of art in ways that I have never had before. When I stood to paint my first painting in class the thought running through my head was I feel like a real artist. Going through all the process and exercises and inspirations in BIG really has changed how I view my own art. I now see no limitations. Look out world this artist has been unleashed.

The other thing about BIG is its not just about the painting, it is about so much more.


  1. This is a great painting, Kate! :]
    WOW... that is "BIG", good for you.
    Such a wonderful accomplishment. ((hugs))
    This mermaid is a keeper!!
    Happy Monday to you.

  2. It sounds like it was such a great experience. I think that those are the best classes--the ones that change who we are and let us find our way somewhere we would never have been able to go without the class. I too like your inner mermaid! xoO

  3. I can tell you enjoyed this class. I wish I had the space to paint big but I don't. There is not one wall in my studio that doesn't have shelves and there isn't any floor space. Outside would be great but it's always windy here. I've tried to think of ways to do big but I can't seem to work it out.

  4. Kate, maybe you could do a wall mural. That's big. I did one in my spare bedroom and love it. I used to paint stage scenery, sometimes from the top of a tall ladder. Now that's BIG! Was fun, but hard work too. Your mermaid is kewl. Are you feeling ok? xo

  5. The trouble I'm having is where do you put all your finished pieces? I'm not in the selling mode (yet), so I've donated a few pieces to non-profits for their auctions. I'm really itching to go bigger...thanks for your inspiration.


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