Monday, March 10, 2014

Daily Art Journaling

About all I do lately is journal.  Having finished that last one I have many more to fill.  I like working in different sizes and shapes. Its becoming like a daily practice for me.  A way to start my day in art and I love that.

Here I was exploring  a look at all my creative pursuits. This is in one of those journals made from one sheet of paper. I've only a few pages left to do.

In this one I used Carolyn Dube spark of inspiration as a starting point. This one is in a Fabriano Venzia small journal. Ive only done about 6 pages in this one so it will be around for awhile.

This was an attempt to explore the idea of having too many creative ideas. Its in the same journal as the first page.

I won a spot in the course Spectrum and have been enjoying it a lot. It going to last till the end of the year.  So I needed a new journal to devote to it. This is the cover I created for the course journal.  Its a strathmore mixed media journal. I sanded the ugly brown cover and covered it with old book and music pages. The I drew the flower, colored it in with distress stains and painted in the background.  The word on the petals represent the things we'll be covering in the course.

These pages are on the idea of opening.  I had written words and symbols underneath and then painted over it all. The left I liken to waves and water and the right is more on imagery, with a map and other personal symbols.  I love how the pages are connected but still very different.

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  1. These pages show a lot of inner thought about yourself and I like that. I need to get back into journaling every day. Maybe this will inspire me.


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