Thursday, March 6, 2014

Rita Catherine Farrell Somers

Its my mothers birthday today.  I am named after her.  She was Rita Catherine and I am Kathleen Rita. Our birthdays are a week apart so we shared the same astrological sign. I have her curiosity and love of life. She died back in 1998 but truly has never left me.  I see her in myself and in many of the things I do.  I wrote this fun post about her a couple years ago. I have no idea how old she is in this picture, probably her early twenties.  I wish I could call her for a chat or have her over for a cup of tea. What a talk we would have after all this time.


  1. Your mother was a beautiful woman. You look like her. My mother died in 1978 and I still miss her. Often there are times when I wish I could talk to her and tell her about the things I've been doing.

  2. What a beautyful mom you had. That photo is very special, have you ever tried to paint her from it? And yes, Janet's right, you do look like her.

    1. Laila, I haven't tried to paint her because I just acquired this picture. My sister had her. Someday I will draw or paint her.


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