Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Wednesday Musings

This page started out with just trying out some new stencils. She started out being quite green but turned into more of a blue lady.  I find it fun to paint faces non-traditional colors.  That way anything goes.

This started as collaged papers and then morphed into this woman.  I think she looks a little rough around the edges. Like she is a singer at a lounge back in the 50's. She smokes too many cigarettes and drinks too many cocktails, been hurt by too many men. Its fun coming up with personalities for my faces. Some seem to really have them and others not so much.  In fact I am thinking that its the not so pretty faces that are more interesting.  I have one more page to finish in this journal.  I wanted to be done for today's post but that was not meant to be. Maybe tomorrow.


  1. Kate I like the first one and it is in your traditional style. I really like the second one as it is so very different. As always, love the word placement and integration into the collage. The music writing and other papers too! xoO

  2. I agree with you that sometimes it's the not so pretty faces that really capture my attention. Both of these faces are good. I like them each for different reasons. Keep 'em coming!


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