Monday, March 24, 2014

Making Stamps from Packing Material.

I found these foam packing materials that I saved for some reason and thought - Stamps!  So I pulled out Julie Balzer's book for some ideas.

This is an awesome book by the way. If you are interested in carving your own stamps, I highly recommend it. Its foam so it was hard to carve.  I had to use an exacto knife. So I carved a couple stamps and then just used marks to create stamps. First just pencil marks and then used a stylus to deepen the marks.

I made all these stamps from one piece of foam.  Now how cool is that!

Here is the sheet of paper I tried the stamps on.  I think they will be fun to use.

So I moved on to a spread for 21 Secrets.  This is the background i started with.

I added this napkin as a collage element.  I separated the napkin into 3 layers and applied with matte medium.

The finished page used several of the stamps I made today.  It is pleasing to create your own stamps and then use them in your own creations.


  1. I love using tools of my own making too. Love the trees. Happy creating!


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