Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Finished Journal

Well I finished up this journal. When I first started using it I like the paper but then I began to use more water media and the paper just didn't hold up anymore. There are other journals with better paper that I like a whole lot more. So I am happy to put it to rest. Here are the last pages.

In the Forest.

My take on a whimsical elephant. i love painting elephants, love bringing them to life and hopefully garner some wisdom from them.  I always think of Ganesha, the Hindu god, the remover of obstacles. I know we can all use that help.

I so love drumming.  Its like the beat calls me back to some primal connection. Lots of gelli plate printed papers in there.

This is a magazine image that I first covered in clear gesso and then painted over in acrylic. I had not done this technique in a long time.  If you are interested in painting faces this is a great way to start.  The clear gesso leaves a gritty surface that takes paint really well.

I am calling this one "Under the Blue Moon"  I have been trying to paint under the full moon and the new moon every month. I wonder when the next blue moon is.  I'll have to look that up.


  1. It's exciting to finish one journal and start a new one. Love the artwork in this one, especially elephants. I used to collect them - still drawn to them.

  2. The quality of paper in a journal can definitely make a big difference. I like all these pages...Under the Blue Moon might be my favorite though.


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