Sunday, November 8, 2009

the Artist Way - Week 12

Its week 12 of my artist way journey. I made it through the whole process and thatr feels so great. I have done morning pages almost every day. I may have missed a day but I don't recall it. I'd have to go through my notebooks to see how many days i missed and they are in another room. Yes I am being a little lazy.

One of things that we do in this final week is to recommit to our creativity. She has us fill a creativity contract just like we did in the beginning of this journey. We we still do morning pages and artist dates and so on.

I plan to recommit and to continue to do morning pages and artists dates. They work so well that I can not see stopping them.

Its been quite a journey, I can't say I completed every task that Julia set out for us but I did what I needed to do and yes I have learned a lot along the way. The Artist Way is a continuing process and its a spiral path as Julia says. I'll be coming back to the beginning and starting again. This journey as an artist is always an interesting one.

I am so thankful for all the women in my artist way group, you've made the journey easier and more rewarding than if I had done it alone. Here's to us a fantastic group of artists.


  1. Congratulations, Kate! I've definitely fallen behind on posting these past two weeks, but I am so glad we've finally made it, and I plan to also recommit, to MPs and Artist Dates :)

    Thanks so much for taking over the main page and postings for us there!

  2. It was a good journey for me too. Thanks for being here Kate. I continue to write my AM pages and do Art Dates.


  3. It's been a wonderful journey with you too, Kate, and congratulations on reaching the end. I will also continue to commit to my creative journey.

    Thanks for taking over at the end when Robyn had to leave.


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