Friday, November 20, 2009

The Joy Diet - Connection

I had a profound experiece with the Joy diet twice this week. First see this post Its where I talk about what happened earlier in the week. After that I had started reading the chapter about connections. I decided to use the process with a person at one of my Nanowrimo write ins. It was very powerful. When I thought of this person and came to the tell the truth area and I really had to discover what was it about the person that was driving me nuts.

As in most of the cases of telling the truth I discovered I had made up a story about the person in question. When I faced the truth I decided that he pushed all my buttons, but what I was thinking about him was not true, it was a story I had made. I stepped back and looked at it all objectively and it was not that big a deal. I was able to let go and realize the relationship for what it was. Then when I saw this person again, I was fine, the person had not changed but I had I was able to deal with it logically and creatively and now the relationship is so much better. thank you Martha Beck.

Several times throughout this book I would think I don't want to do this but persevered because I was committed to the book, I signed up for the duration and I wasn't going to be a quitter. I am glad I stuck with it. This last chapter really showed me how to use all these ideas in the context of my own life. Thanks to Jamie for hosting this group.


  1. hi Kate,
    I enjoyed reading your experience with Connection! :) I'm happy for you with the truthful experience that you were able to unravel through observation and willingness to align once again with your inner source ;) Blessings to you as we wrap up the Joy Diet! ;) I adore your Connection Card! So great!

  2. It is so great that you are finding ways to apply your lessons learned into real life so quickly, Kate. Funny how that happens isn't it ? There are so many tools available to us to try and improve our journey through life - it is up to us to pick them up and use them ! Good for you for knowing this!
    I hope you have a really connected weekend !

  3. I too found it amazing how I'd create stories about my relationships and behave as if they were true.... oh, how we get in our own way sometimes! Here's to discovering true connection and deep presence...

  4. It's quite interesting to press against our resistance points as this book suggests we do. It reveals more of ourselves and gives us more information with which to make choices. I'm glad you were willing to experiment with challenging your initial story. Your experience will hopefully help me make that choice when another challenge presents itself.

  5. I love that you pushed yourself to move through the resistance to doing this book. I think many of us have felt similarly.

    Your comments about how we story others is excellent. I think I need to explore that a bit more, myself.

    Thanks for your post! I hope you have enjoyed the journey.


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