Friday, November 6, 2009

Some more videos to share

I saw the fact that Teesha Moore has a whole series of videos on several blogs earlier this week. I am just getting around to watching them. They are pretty fun to see. Click on her name to go to her blog or you can go directly to YouTube and see them there. Her work is collage orientated but the videos are pretty informative of her style. I have seen those pan pastels being used before but I haven't tried them yet. They really look like fun. I always learn something from watching other artists work.

Nanowrimo is going fairly well I have over 8400 words and need to do today's allotment but I am not behind so that feels good.

Here is a video I did for a friend showing the crow book from several years ago.


  1. Kate,
    Yes I did enjoy that. You should put this in a room of our own. Everyone who participated would like to see this!

  2. Thanks, Kate - though I didn't participate in that swap I really did enjoy seeing that. Felt like we were sitting down looking at it together - and with your kitty too (I rather enjoyed his cameo - they have a mind of their own, don't they?). Good going on the NaNoWriMo count. I had around the same number on Friday -but I didn't add any this weekend. Oh well -back to it tomorrow.

  3. This was fun, and I love your crow book. Your kitty is like mine, whatever he wants to do. And he enjoys getting into what I am doing too.
    The wind blew all day and now it is cloudy and cold. We had a few days of really lovely sky blue days. Such is fall, here today gone tomorrow. Happy Fall, Mary


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