Monday, November 9, 2009

The Joy Diet - Play

Well as usual I did not think that the Play chapter would be what it was really about. That Martha Beck is a little tricky writer.

One of the first things we are to figure out what our real career ia. After thinking about this for awhile I decided that I just went through this discovery when I did the coaching with Jamie. I had decided my real career is creativity. All my life I have explored it in many forms. I think I move from mouse vision to eagle vision all the time. I'd have to say its mostly mouse vision. I often forget to look at the big picture, the big dream. that sometimes all these little things do make the dream possible.

Then we are to go on and discover ways to add play in ever aspect of life. Seems simple enough. This morning I added play to cleaning my house by putting on wonderful upbeat music. It did make the time go by fast and it was fun.

Now I have to figure a way to add play to doing Nanowrimo. Some days its fun, I know I try to make the write ins I host fun by giving away little gifts and always having chocolate on hand. Other days I don't know what to write and I stress about the word count and all. So today I am going to look for ways to make it fun. Maybe using rewards will help make it fun, wearing a silly hat while I write or some other prop to let the silly in.

How will you invite play into your life today....


  1. A crown, a tiara, a Queen of Creativity should never be without the appropriate head gear while playing !
    May you find the play today !

  2. This made me think of Little Women the movie. She had a special hat that she always wore while writing. They never tell you why she wears the night cap, but you know that somehow she is comfortable with it in those moments.
    I think that I have been many things in my life. Always creative, but I have never really pin pointed my passion. I seem to stubble around and find my joy in what I am doing at the time. Happy Life! Mary

  3. Play is always a good thing! Maybe you can add play to NANOwrimo by making your writing atmosphere cool and groovy...light candles...etc. Have some chocolate nearby...get up and dance every now and then between paragraphs! haha!


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