Friday, November 13, 2009

The Joy Diet - Laughter

Well I flunked at laughter this week. Now that doesn't mean I did not have any laughter I meant I never read the entire chapter. I got half way through and just never finished. Too much going on that's for sure I am pretty sure I don't get thirty laughs a day but I would love too. I think some days I laugh more than others

Martha asks to pay attention to when we laugh. I go for the simple things not the real dark humor. I have been laughing at the jokes others tell on their posts this week. I think when its a joke about the pitfalls of another person I tend to laugh if I have seen myself in that position, if I can relate to it on some level. I have to admit that I spent hardly any time on this. This coming week we talk about connection and hopefully I will get the chapter read and have more to say.


  1. I find that listening to kids talking, often brings me laughter. They are so frank and innocent.

  2. I think there's enough to work on in this chapter with just the idea of paying attention to your laughter. There's probably no dispute about the positive effects of laughter and the benefit of getting more of it into our lives. So identifying what makes you laugh, as you've done, means that you did just fine!

    Have a great week.

  3. I didn't complete this week either. Plan to have some time for myself this afternoon and enjoy some tea and lighthearted laughter.

  4. This is a really interesting post. I don't laugh enough, somewhere along the way of life it stopped being so funny. I can give a good giggle, but not that deep in the belly laugh that almost hurts. Where does the laugh go?
    I think we begin to take life more serious, it seems like more of what we hear and see comes with some form of sadness. I SMILE alot!
    Looking for my laugh! Mary


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