Saturday, November 21, 2009

Playing with texture

Another one of the exercise in my painted layers class. I had so much fun with this background. I layered down old book pages, tissue paper, sewing pattern paper, embossed wallpaper, sanded some on the pages, add acrylic paint and re-inkers and played around with the color.

This page was so much fun to do, I love it when I can use many of the things I spend time collecting all in the same piece. I bought the embossed wallpaper a long time ago and this was the first time I have used it. I love the stuff. It really added great texture and I loved the way the ink seeped into all its crevices. I am having so much fun in this class.

Nanowrimo is going good, I have 33746 words with 10 days left to get to 50,000 so I am in good shape. This year I have been just trying to make my goal every day and that seems to be working for me. Its a lot of work I will be so glad when Dec 1st is here.


  1. I love all the layers and texture in this - yes, I bet it was fun! Great idea with the textured wallpaper too. My son loves it as well. He said that when he saw it he was "shocked out of his eyes".

  2. Beautiful, Kate---wow! I wish I knew how to do this. You do so much---NaNoWriMo and the art class and the Joy Diet as well. I'm loving the Joy Diet too, just finished yesterday. Anyway, love your art! xo, O

  3. Great texture and I love the colors too.

  4. In addition to the texture, what I love about this piece is (are?) the colors. What a wonderful combination - just about perfect, in my mind.


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