Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Further Explorations with Paint

I've been taking an online class with Misty Mawn called Painted Layers. Its a pretty awesome class so far. I thought I would show the work I have done so far. These are the first two backgrounds I did.

I liked how this turned out.

I never liked this one no matter how often I worked on it. I think it was the colors I started with. They are just an odd red and blue to use together I guess.

This is one using a silhouette. I used a stencil for the butterfly and swallow. I like the bird but I think a smaller butterfly would work better. I had taken a swallow stencil I had and cut it smaller so I could use it on different sized pages. I like this tiny one.

Here is my first landscape. I like how the sky turned out. I kept trying to put a house at the base of the mountains but it never looked right and after painting over it the third time I gave up. Overall for a first one I like it very much.

I've been really putting art on the back burner while I work on my Nanowrimo novel but I am find if i don't get to do some art I really get cranky and the writing gets harder. Today I decide I would do art until noon and then write and I think that is working well. I just can't give up this art stuff no matter what.


  1. I so get it on not being able to give up the art stuff!!! I'm right there with you!

    Your backgrounds are interesting. And I have to say that in the second one (the one you don't like) I see an elephant's head, possibly on top of a monk's body. So maybe it's a hindi-themed painting? I don't know... It's late and I might not be making any sense.

    Art on and write on my friend!

  2. Looks like some inspired art play, Kate ! Thanks for sharing bits of what you have been learning with Misty - I love her stuff !
    Bravo for keeping your artist and your writer hearts both working together !

  3. Pretty, pretty!! I like them all - especially the red and blue one. I can see that elephant in it too! Yeah for you on Nano - I didn't even try this year.


  4. I especially like the top green one and the one with the mountains. I can't give up the art stuff either - though I've maybe let myself get a little carried away with it this week, and let my word count slip behind. I like your idea of just working on art till a certain time. Maybe I need to try that...Thanks!


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