Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's Snowing

It snowing today, lots of white fluffy stuff on the ground. The sheep have been fed and the birds are flocking to a newly filled bird feeder. I am sitting on the couch, computer on my lap doing all I can to avoid working on my novel. I can sit here for a long time just watching the birds. There is something so magical about flight.

The two bald eagles were back on their perch in a tree overlooking the Snake River. I saw them on my way to town this morning. I love to see them so I am glad they've returned. They go somewhere else during the summer.

I heard there was a pumpkin shortage so I ran to town to get some pumpkin for my pies. I love pumpkin pie and of course it has to be one I make myself. Its not a special recipe or anything. I just follow the Joy of Cooking's advice. Thanksgiving wouldn't be what it is without it in my opinion. Oh and I have to have real whip cream. I always whip it right before serving just like my dad always did when I was a kid. The last few years I have been buying those already made crusts from the store. They don't taste as good as the real thing but they do save time. This year I decided that I would do it all from scratch and I am actually looking forward to it.

Now I ended up driving through a snowstorm to get my pumpkin so do you think there was shortage at the store... of course not. I am still glad I went because now all that shopping is done. Oops I forgot the whip Scarlet would say oh tomorrow is another day.

My girl will be here for thanksgiving this year. I can't wait to see her, D is going to pick her up on Tuesday. She is doing Nanowrimo too so we'll have some fun time writing together.

Do you have any special plans this week.


  1. I enjoyed reading your Thanksgiving readiness and shopping in the snow. Oy, I am still running around in a t-shirt and little crochet vest in weather that is sunny and warm enough in NO. California.
    I had turkey thigh and yam for dinner...tasted just like Thanksgiving! Num. Your pie sounds nummy, pumpkin is my favorite. Enjoy and save a dab of real whipped cream for me please. Happy Thanksgiving to you and your girl.

  2. I go shopping tomorrow. I love that you shared some of your day. I will not have Thanksgiving at home this year. We will be going to my son Cory's and family...there will be 20 of us and he has a very large home in Boise.
    We had snow too. We were driving to church ( hadn't gone for along time) and it started to snow. As time past the flakes got bigger and bigger, it was really pretty. Today it is sunny and the sky is so blue. But the snow is all gone. Still to warm for it to stay. But the mountains did well. So my gang will be up on the hill playing in the snow and skiing soon. I am enjoying your blog, you have given me some giggles and always a smile.
    Happy Thanksgiving Dear Friend, Mary

  3. Enjoy that snow and the preparations for your family time. David and I will be joining his dad and his four brothers and their wives at his dad's house. A little too much testosterone, not enough gratitude for my liking but I will look for the good in it all anyway. Pumpkin cheesecake is my thing but it uses the canned stuff so I think we will be alright !
    Happy Thanksgiving and I am thankful for you friendship and your sweet visits to my Blogland home !

  4. Last Thanksgiving we were knee-deep in winter and had been for almost a month. This year no snow and I hope it stays that way.


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