Wednesday, May 11, 2011

A day of butt uglies

Once again I found myself deep into a big depression the last two days, and had quite a time trying to get out of it. It was so cold yesterday I had to drag out a wool sweater to keep warm. The cold dreary weather did not help my mood.  So I turned to art and tried to work my way through it.

I had not painted a face in a long time. Why I thought to do so when I was depressed was beyond me. All I could think is this face is butt ugly. I am amazed that I didn't scratch her out. Maybe she'll be a reminder that its ok to do bad art. That you can use this kind of art to work through things going on in your life. When I look at her I see the horrid nose, the too small chin, the plain background. Maybe though I should see her as a gift since she helped me work through a difficult time. I would like to think that I poured out all my negativity on the page and now I no longer hold it anymore. So perhaps that is a good thing after all.

On this page I had a background already but something I tried went way wrong. So I covered it up with scrapbook paper. I cut the butterfly and dragonfly out of another paper and attached them. Next I highlighted some areas with charcoal. I stenciled the swallow on in the right corner. I hadn't realized I was stenciling over the dragonfly till I was finished. Oops oh well. I added the image and all those greens seemed calming to me. I like the whispering girls, not sure what secret she is sharing, it adds to the mystery some.

After doing these pages, I got out of the house and went to the library.  Change of scenery often helps. With my laptop in tow I worked on my e-book.  The progress I made on it was great.  Perhaps the art really did help.


  1. It's funny how art can hel us through the bad times. That's a benefit for us artists. Sorry to hear your blue...cheer up my friend! I like your blue lady, and i never even noticed a thing wrong with the nose! :)

  2. Losing yourself in art can be very therapeutic. I also think you're way too hard on yourself. That face isn't butt ugly!

  3. Sorry you were feeling depressed. Me too. The weather the last few days has been a killer. Spring better get here soon or I am going to be a mess. But I agree with Janet and Heather...your blue lady is not butt ugly! I always admire your courage in painting faces. You really are awesome!

  4. This type of art time happens to me too sometimes. I make art that I dislike. But if I focus on the fact that I turned to art to help me get out of my head instead of just wallowing or hiding under the blankets when I am depressed, that helps. The process rather than the end-product, you know.
    Those down times are so hard but they seem like part of life, especially for us creative types. Luckily, they don't last forever...
    Glad you got to give your e-book some loving !
    Hang in there, friend !

  5. I think she looks kind, Kate. I am impressed that you do art when you're depressed. There are so many destructive things that one can do, and this is great. You can compare it to your work when you're not depressed. And then you worked on your e-book! Whoo hoo! I hope you feel better soon--"this too shall pass"! xoO

  6. That face isn't bad at all. On the contrary it's interesting. If we have a look around most faces are not perfect so you did express nature. If you have a closer look at her eyes there is something very fragile to her. I really think this is a good expression.
    I hope for you that you reaches the queen feeling in a hurry.
    Best wishes.

  7. I hope you are out of the doldrums today. Your process did seem to be helpful so good for you! You took good care of yourself. And perhaps, just perhaps you are being too hard on yourself regarding the quality of the art because you were seeing through depression fogged glasses!

  8. Kate, I love pages like this... they are so healing and good for us to exerience. I am putting together a book from all the artists signed up on my blog hop and I am wanting to name the book "Healing Expressions", or something like that... this page would be great in it. Very beginning stages though.
    Hope you're having a much better day. Big hugs


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