Thursday, May 5, 2011

The Fairies are here

Spring is here finally, so on the many errands I went on today I ended up at a garden center.

I was first drawn to this lovely lady and she just had to come home with me. The garden is bare but soon she'll have flowers all around her.

Then I saw this young boy and he was certain that he wanted to come home with me too.  I bought some new plants too. So this will be short so I can go get my hands in dirt.  I hope spring has made its way back to you too.


  1. They are so lovely Kate - no wonder you couldn't resist!!

  2. they are adorable, and you are going to have loads of fun planting around them. Happy Spring, Mary

  3. How sweet!
    Yes... I think spring has finally arrived :]
    Planting of any kind, can be very relaxing.

  4. There is still such a coolness in the air here ! I am hoping the fairies will chase it on out of here asap !
    Enjoy your garden, Kate.

  5. You picked a couple of beautiful little fairies to grace your garden.


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