Friday, May 6, 2011

Getting back on the horse

I created this this page earlier this week when I was feeling a bit frustrated, fortunately it was a temporary thing. I have climbed back on the horse as they say.   I have learned not to stay down for too long.  It is like I need to have these moments of frustration so that the solutions can then present themselves.  I had an awakening of sorts after this last one. I am not totally sure of what I am doing right, but I now know what I am going to do next which is a great feeling.

This page was done with some Faber-Castell Gelatos for the background.  I added the birds and then stenciled in the misshapen circles and outlined them with gel pens and markers to give dimension. A few more doodles and I call it done.

I  started this little doodle weeks ago but could never decide if it was finished or not. Maybe it still isn't but I am calling it done for now. Do you have trouble deciding when a piece is finished?

I had gotten a few of these big brush markers by Faber-Castell and started playing with them on this doodle. It seems that no matter how many markers you have there are always other colors you wish you had. I bought 12 but that never seems to be enough colors for me.  I have been enjoying these full page doodles  I am not sure if I will cut them up for other pages and just leave them as is.  They might make fascinating postcards just as they are.

Have a great Mothers Day Weekend!


  1. Yep, I often have to leave my own things sitting for a bit, till I make up my mind if they're done. These look lovely, Kate. Love the colors.

  2. p.s. Happy Mother's Day weekend to you too!

  3. Color, it is the key. Happy Mothers Day, Hugs, mary

  4. Thank you so much Kate for having the Bodacious Background workshop giveaway on my blog! Everyone loves a giveaway!

    The winner is sure to have fun!

    Love, violette

  5. What wonderful background pages! I agree... sometime you wonder if you have doodled enough. That is when I walk away from the project, come back to it at a later time.
    Have a wonderful Mother's Day! :]

  6. Hi Kate
    I like the brush pens better than the stamp pads sometimes. Happy Mother's Day to you with LOVE.

  7. I'm so late getting around but I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day.

    I agree about marker colors....I always want more!


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