Friday, May 13, 2011

Well Behaved Women

I participated in this ATC swap over at Milliande's network for women, the subject of the swap was Well behaved women rarely make history. I was so late getting mine done that I forgot to take pictures. My cards all had Liz Taylor on them. I love doing swaps, you get to try new things and then also get to meet new people and of course receive art too. What a deal.

This one imortalizes an old movie star Clara Bow. Created by Laura Damer

This one was done by Patricia Gonzales

This one was done by Liz Monaghan the swap leader.

I got a another postcard, this one is from Italy, and it was made by Barbara I love the papers she used in the background. I thought I had gotten all my cards but I guess I was wrong. There is another postcard swap happening its called Liberate Your Art and you can find more information here


  1. Cool ATCs....and I, too, love those papers on the postcard from Italy. It looks handmade in the photo.

    Maybe there's still hope I might receive my last two postcards from Hanna's swap!

  2. What a great subject! It inspires so many ideas. Wish I had been able to see yours.

  3. These are great, very inspiring!
    There is so much talent out there in the world.
    Fun stuff... THANK YOU for sharing.

  4. what fun - cool topic too. it's really exciting to get something in the post rare occurance these days.

  5. I like doing swaps too and sometimes I forget to do photos as well.

    Coleen in Ukraine

  6. Thank you Kate, for an uplifting site. Art is such a healing act for me; I love the idea of an art community for women...a much needed connector here in Alaska where we experience a lack of light in winter...hmm...any tips/references on how to get one started? What is the swap?

  7. Hi Kate...I'm waiting to get my ATC's from "Roses on my Table" ning site. I like how she does send your finished six cards to Cristina along with $3 and she will mail you six. That way, no one gets left out. The next trade is due by June 21 and the theme is "Ocean." I'll check out Millande's trades. You received some nice ATC's. I love trading all kinds of cards.


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