Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Snake River Fiber Fair

Here is a little video that I made this weekend. Its a little shaky and I move a little to fast, I hope you don't get dizzy.  It was my first video while walking. I need a little more practice on that but at least you get to see a little of the festival vendor area and why I am talking like I took some helium is beyond me.

Later that day Sarah found out she did not get into graduate school. So we had to do some retail therapy at the festival. There were some great sales so that made it easy. She already made a scarf with one of her purchases.

Yesterday I ended up having to buy another external hard drive. I couldn't upload any pictures or process a video. When you store videos and pictures it take up a lot of space. Since the new drive is 2 terabytes I think it will do for awhile. I didn't even know what a terabyte was till recently. Technology just keeps on growing sometimes its hard to keep up.

My friends Shirley and Cyndi lent me this to use for a couple weeks. Its a motorized carder and it is what you use to prepare a fleece for spinning. So I have been carding up a storm and still have tons to do so there is not much art being done around here. In looking for some things I keep finding more wool to do. Yikes! Then I end organizing areas of my house. I still haven't found what I am looking for which is sort of annoying. If I look at the bright side I have a clean closet and my basement storage area looks great.


  1. It looks like so much fun, Kate. I'm sorry your daughter didn't get into graduate school right now---and I am sure the timing will work out for the best in the long run. Still, I know it is hard. I'm glad the two of you got to do this! xoO

  2. FUN, FUN... FUN! :]
    Lots of "eye candy" indeed.
    The bracelets are fabulous!

  3. Glad that you had such a good time at the fiber fair but NOT glad that Sarah didn't get into graduate school. She is such a talented woman (wonder where she gets that?). AND today I learned that there is a machine that cards wool! Who knew? I'm always learning when I'm around you. I'm with April, the bracelets ARE fabulous!


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