Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Being a Business Goddess

Its always so interesting that the Universe brings into your life just what you are looking for. Last Wednesday the prompt for Wishcasting was "What do you wish to know." I had found myself wondering what I was doing wrong and then right and then wondered what was next. Then I found the Business Goddess Ecourse just released by Goddess Leonie.  To say that this is just what I have been looking for is an understatement.  This course is freaking awesome.  If you don't know anything about Leonie click on the link above or the picture in my sidebar and go discover who she is. One amazing women who has created this awesome community.

Now her business course which I have already told you is awesome sells for a mere 79.00 but if you join her network for 20 more dollars or 99.00 not only do you get  the business course but you get all of her courses, meditations, everything she has done.  It is an amazing deal.  She even does payment plans if you can't afford it all in one step. How perfect.

Now you may ask what is so awesome about the business course. To put it simply she explains how she went from a hobby to a very successful business. You want to increase your followers she tells you how, write an ebook, she tells you how, find a coach, run an affiliate program, start a newsletter and so on. She gives you all the details and links to great sources to help you on your way. I particularly liked the section on avoiding burnout. For me The most valuable section is on marketing and she gives you great ideas. Contrary to popular belief if you build it people don't necessarily come. You do need to learn all about marketing and Leonie makes it fun and easy. I can not recommend it highly enough. I've also listened to some of her meditations, used the yearly planner and the de-cluttering course and they were all really amazing too. Check her out if you are searching for something to spark your creativity, run business or just have some change in your life.


  1. This sounds like just what you were wishing for! It's so amazing how the Universe gives us what we need just at the right time.

  2. Wow... this sounds fantastic! :]
    Thank you for sharing this information, will have to look into it asap.

  3. Hi - isn't it great to find so much inspiration - it's not easy to run a business and we do need help and guidance. I like to call myself a creative entrepreneur - well, a learner creative entrepreneur at this stage. good luck


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