Thursday, May 26, 2011

Gelato Backgrounds

This page was done awhile ago, I used Faber-Castell Gelatos on the girl, the background was done previously. I think it was a colorwash experiment.

I didn't do much art while in Yellowstone but I managed to do lot of initial backgrounds. They are all done with gelatos and I just smeared the colors with my fingers, no water was added.  These too involved a base layer and then adding circles and blending.

The one on the right was playing with lots of different colors and stripes.  The one on the left just blocks of colors.

These two are more of playing with stripes and layering color on top of color. On the left I added black to cool colors and the right purple to warm colors to mix it up a little.

Here I was playing with pinks and red and adding white on top in squares and rectangles and more experiments on adding blending.  I really had fun doing all of these and seeing what this medium can do.

This is how I made a page out of this background. It was for a prompt at my Ning site. The prompt was to use a silhouette on your page. I added stamping to the background, some paper scraps and words and some charcoal.

I think you learn a lot about an art supply by using it over and over again. This is just the beginning of my experiments with this fun new supply.  How about you, do you just try something once or do you really explore a art supplies capabilities in depth?


  1. I'm trying to expand my skills with backgrounds at the moment. i really like your silhouetted woman against the red.

  2. Those backgrounds look so good!
    I usually try a medium in one or two ways but I will definitely try to play more with them from now on.

  3. These colored backgrounds look great!
    Yes, it is wonderful to explore... isn't it? :]

  4. Very nice backgrounds, and the silhouette of the woman is really striking! nancy

  5. You're right about learning by using supplies over and over in different ways. That's one thing I sometimes forget to do. Your backgrounds look great and I really like the silhouette in the last picture.


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