Monday, June 13, 2011

Amazing Organization

I don't have the time to blog today but didn't want to leave you empty handed. Check out this woman craft room, and remember its only part 1. The organization is amazing in itself, but when I look at all her supplies I wonder how long it took to accumulate such a stash. I want to go play at her house.


  1. Wow! She must have a fortune on that one wall. I agree with you - I want to go play at her house!

  2. WOW! Talk about organization and a supply to die for! LOL! Ya... I'm not that organized, not by a long shot!
    Hugs for your day.

  3. Not only a fortune on her supplies, but also on all those organizing containers! All those pretty jars must have cost a pretty penny too! but goodness it looks so nice and lovely!

  4. Holey supplies Batman....this gal definitely has the supply market cornered and severely organized to boot. I took a look around my studio after watching this and thought first "i thought I had a lot of suuplies" (I definitely don't come close) and secondly "what a freaking mess mine is".
    Someday.........*heavy sigh*


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