Wednesday, June 15, 2011

A Book or a Window

I sat down the other day and finished 4 journal pages. Some were brand new and some just needed some finishing touches. Often I think I should put two dates on pages, one for when I start and the other for when I finish. Do you date your pages? I like to because when I look back on them it fun to know when they were made.

This is a paper towel I used when I was doing a ColorWash experiment. I thought it looked like windows and then like a book and then I turned it into a book.  So it might be windows inside a book or the fact that books are windows to another world.

This was a spray paint experiment gone wrong.  The girl in black should be way darker. So I just added some journaling about the image. It reminded me of Lesley Gore's song It's my party. I like the strong stance of the girl.

This resulted from my thinking about the drums and drumming I heard this past weekend. I will talk more about that in another post. I have always loved the sound of drums. I wrote a little poem on what drums and the sound does for me. The background is stitched paper from old calendars. When I stitched it the paper fell out of the book so I ended up using Japanese tape to connect it back to the book.  Its on the right.

This one was for a prompt on using a self portrait in your work. So I included myself in the necklace I always wear.


  1. Love these pages!
    What a clever idea, with the paper towel!
    Thank you for sharing your talents, you are wonderful :]

  2. Your paper towel page is fantastic! It really looks great. And I like the other pages, too. I have that same girl stencil and have used it many times.

    I like drums, too. They seem to reverberate in my chest and become a part of me. Drums or chanting, they each go straight to my inner core.


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