Friday, June 17, 2011

The Feet Have Control

I have been having issues with my feet. I have Morton's Neuroma, which is basically a inflamed nerve and effects the balls of your feet. They hurt all the time. I have been going to a podiatrist and have had 2 set of cortisone shots that have not done anything.   If you look at the picture you can still see the bruises I got from the shots almost a month ago.

Now they are taping my feet to see if that helps. If it does I'll get an orthotic to wear in my shoes. My feet still hurt so I am not real hopeful that this is working. I also have plantar fasciitis in my left foot.  I have exercises to help that.

I think I will probably go to an acupuncturist next and see if they can do anything. Meanwhile I can't do a whole lot without pain. Sure I have to go out and do things but I feel great lying in bed. So if you don't see much activity here that is why.


  1. Sending healing thoughts out to you.
    Be well my friend.

  2. Pain in the feet is so difficult...we use our feet all the time. Things must be so painful and awkward for you.

    Keeping your feet up and lying in bed sounds like a very good idea. Take care of yourself! xo

  3. I have the plantars thing aswell... it is incredibly painful especially first thing in the morning! so know how you feel, now my feet hurt all the time but I havent been to the docs yet with that... its awful as we have to use the feet to get around... you have my sympathy!! must google the neuroma thing you mentioned!

  4. I do hope you feel better soon. When I had Plantars Fasciitis a few years back the pain was horrific.And of course I would throw my weight onto my other leg and that then gave me hip problems.I am fine now but whenever I get a twinge in my foot I panic.

  5. oh foot pain is they know what causes an inflamed nerve??

    i had plantar fasciitis in both feet awhile back...i had inserts and that helped quite a bit...then it just went away as mysteriously as it came.

    praying you get relief soon.

  6. Kate, I had unexplained foot pain for years. I had my feet taped as well, but also over the top of the foot and my toes. I felt like it was some kind of foot-binding because it was so tight. It did help with the pain, and I really needed help. I wore orthotics with a very, very high arch for years as well. Limited my mobility. Then for the last several years cortisone shots. No one still knows what the problem is or why, just that it is nerves in my feet that are inflamed.

    The good news is that when I started having serious knee problems last year (worse than the foot problems) I decided to go off my orthotics. Intuitively I felt it was right for me. Since March my feet have been better, but my knees have been drastically better. I still have foot pain but it is very mild until I walk over 10,000 steps. I wear a pedometer to make sure I don't walk too much, because once everything is inflamed, it's bad for a while.

    The whole point of this is not what you should do but to trust your intuition, whatever it tells you, and that sometimes things can get better for no reason that anyone can explain. Doctors have opinions and should be listened too, I think, but if you have a strong feeling one way or another, that should be given validity too. The whole area of podiatry and orthotics and such is controversial about some things.

    I hope you feel better and that whatever it is you find a solution so that you can keep up your walking with your dog.


  7. Oh, Kate, foot pain must be horrible. It's a part of the body we use so much and seldom think about. I hope you get some relief from the acupuncturist. I've know people with other problems who were very pleased with their results.

  8. Kate, I'm so sorry to hear you are dealing with foot pain....I know what it's like as I've suffered with painful feet for nearly two years now. So far, the doctors haven't come up with a diagnosis for it. I do hope the treatment helps you. Acupuncture helped my daughter's back and neck problems so it would be worth trying. I plan to once I get all my other medical issues dealt with. Re. the plantar fasciitis - try rolling a cold can of soda back and forth under your foot. I've had friends with plantar fasciitis who swore this method worked wonders for them. Take care. xo

  9. My hubby has had great relief from acupuncture for his knee and feet pain (he has had a knee replaced due to a motorcycle accident in his thirties). I hope you find relief somehwere soon. There is really nothing worse than pain limiting what we want to do, is there ? Sending light and love your way !

  10. I hope if you are reading this that your poor feet are getting well. My husband has problems with his feet sometimes, but nothing like what you are going through.
    Be well dear Friend, mary


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