Monday, June 27, 2011

Some More Benches

I took a break this morning at the greenbelt to write my morning pages. I sat on the blue bird bench and then thought I would take pictures of some benches nearby. The Appaloosa was very shaded so it is not a very good picture.

Here he is from the other side. I think its a he because my neighbor has an appaloosa and his horse is a he.  I know strange logic.

Next are the canadian geese benches. They are only big enough for one person or perhaps two kids.
You can only see two here but there are three of them.

It wasn't the best  time to be taking pictures but here is one of the geese close up.

With a closer look I discovered water in the seat, so no I didn't sit there. They don't look very comfortable to me. I think they are for kids.


  1. These benches are so cool. I would like to sit on the Appaloosa bench and dream about riding horses. It's been many years since I rode but I have always loved horses.

  2. I dreamt last night about riding horses? How interesting to pop up here and see that bench! They all are delightful ... I think a series of portraits in these critters would be a blast!

    xo Lis

  3. Too cute! Functional fun art!!!Love it!

  4. These are fantastic! :]
    What inspiration to be around.


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