Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Vision Boards for Clarity

I talked about doing morning pages yesterday and how they help me get back on track to the things I want to do in life. Another tool I often use are vision boards. I really have been called to do a new one but kept putting it off. First I told myself I had no magazines and then no time. In fact most of the images for my vision board I pulled off the internet so having no magazines is just one more excuse you tell yourself. As to the time thing, I just through that out the window and just did it.

 For me Vision boards help me to focus more on what I want to bring into my life. This board has things I want like shoes and clothes but also travel locations and projects like my books and coaching course and even flowers for my garden.  You can have a single vision or a broader one like the one I did. Do you have a project that seems stalled and needs a new life.  Try doing a vision board for it.  You may find that it is just the thing you need to get focused on it again.


  1. Vision boards are a very powerful tool!
    Keep up the positive efforts :]

  2. vision boards are wonderful tools to use and such fun to make - they really do lead you on an adventure and possibilities are endless. i have one stuck in my art cupboard it's been there for about three years and when i remember to look at it - its quiet amazing how many things on it have come to pass.

  3. I think this is the kin of list making....what a great way to focus our creativity! I always have one of these on the go in my studio....laces I'm interested in...images I hope to incorporate into my art....

    they are a powerful tool!

    ciao bella



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