Thursday, June 9, 2011

Animal Dreams and The Wicked Tinkers

Last year I was working with Carla Sonheim's book Drawing Lab. I had gone to the zoo and had made some animal sketches. I was using a small sketchbook I had bought from Diana Trout, which I had bought  to try out the stonehenge watercolor paper but ended up just doing drawing in it. That seemed a waste so thinking about that and then being anxious to work with my watercolors I went and added some wc to the images.

This camel was just sitting and panting in the sun, I felt lucky to capture the image as sometimes they are not so accommodating.

The giraffe was so cute... We don't have giraffe's in our zoo so I must have drawn this from a book or memory I can't remember.

I have a thing for zebras,  and actually most black and white animals. I love the black and white stripes but decided to make a purple zebra instead. I like his expression, it makes me wonder what he is thinking.

Men in Kilts

I am off for the weekend, in the morning we head south for The Utah Scottish Festival and Highland Games. I need to see some men in kilts and listen to some great Scottish Music.  One of my favorite groups, The Wicked Tinkers will be playing.  I love those guys, they play tribal Scottish music and they are so much fun.  Here is a video of them on the Craig Peterson show.

and yes I will remember my camera this time.


  1. Great watercolors! I love the zebra one! So much personality is captured in that quick sketch!

  2. I am taking my watercolors out as we speak! Been too long since I touched mine. You are an inspiration to me today! Thanks.

  3. You know I like the purple zebra!! And the music was fantastic....I didn't know the Wicked Tinkers until now.

    Have fun and see you when you get back.

  4. Love the added watercolour! The zebra is my favourite too.
    Have fun at the Scottish festival! (Ours is in August.)

  5. Such lovely watercolor animals! :]
    Great work, thank you for sharing your talents.

  6. Fun art and <3 the wicked tinkers too...I love tribal traditional music and all kinds of multi cultural fusion...Kewl! Have a good time


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