Thursday, June 30, 2011

Kestrel News

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This is a kestrel and we have a kestrel nesting box in our yard.  Last year we had a pair that had 4 babies.  That was pretty neat and we hoped for it to happen again. This year they came to the nest and layed eggs and then we found the female with a broken wing.  We ended up taking her to fish&game.  They will repair the wing and then release her.  We didn't know if the male would be able to hatch the eggs or not. We looked in the box last week and found a mess. There were 4 eggs and a dead starling in the box.  This is what we think happened.  The starling entered box, killed the kestrel eggs and laid some of her own.  Then the kestrel came back and killed the starling.  A sad story for sure. The starling eggs are like a stone.  

Here they are in a nest I had. I put them in it just to take the picture. I am hoping that a new pair of kestrels will set up base here next year.

Good news on the health front, finally. Yesterday was not good, I was feeling dizzy so I went back to the Doctors and my BP was 80/50. That is pretty low for a person with high blood pressure. I stopped taking my meds and went back today and it was 110/73 which is much better. So now I am going to stay off the meds till after the holiday and see what happens. Low blood pressure makes you really tired and you don't feel like doing anything. Other good news is that my blood sugar has gone down. That is something I have been working on so I am happy about that. It feels great to have some energy back.

I am in a cleaning organizing de-cluttering mode right now. I have my weaving room half done so I am anxious to get back to it


  1. Kate, I'm sorry about the kestrels, but so glad about your health. Good for you! Congratulations on your hard work. So many people accept lifestyle illnesses and look to the medication as a cure instead of trying to get off them. YAY! xoO

  2. Oh so sorry!
    We had a similar issue here.
    Mama bluejay decided to push out all the babies, which fell onto the "HOT" cement!
    We did our best, but were too late :[
    I hear ya gal... I hate taking my meds. I don't feel in control of myself or body. Every time I need to see the doctor because "do not feel feel" I'm told take your medicine, joke! I exercise regularly... that helps.
    Sending you hugs <3 Keep up the good work.

  3. Sad bird story...
    Glad you are getting more well. Hope it sticks!!!! Take care.
    Happy holiday weekend.
    Oh funny my verification word is "berde". ;-)

  4. Kate, since you know I am a total bird lover, I really appreciated this post. I never investigated Kestrels and for some reason thought they were seabirds. You have enlightened me. They kind of look like a small osprey. We have lots of those nesting around here. The power company builds boxes on top of power poles so they, and eagles, can nest there and stay out of the wires. My dove family is once again nesting on my porch light. This will be te 4th time I think. I have watched 4 babies grow and thrive. The last two were taken by a crow only a day after they fledged.

  5. That's so sad about the kestrels. But it's good news about your health. I hope being off the meds helps you to feel better. It's not fun having no energy.

  6. Happy 4th of July and a wish for your good health:) Love, Mary


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