Saturday, July 30, 2011

Art in the Middle of the Night

Yes it was the middle of the night and I couldn't sleep so I headed to the art studio. So many times lately I go in there and am just not inspired or just don't know what I want to work on. So I thought use a material you haven't used in awhile. So I grabbed these.

They are Shiva Artist Paintsticks and previously I used some on faces that I had painted in acrylics.  They are basically oil paint in a stick form. I never did an entire face with them before so I thought I would try that.

I now understand why I never did the entire piece before.   In addition to the face I also added the oil paintstick in the background which added dimension but made it impossible to write on.  So I ended up using rubons and stickers to finish up this page. They take 24 hours to dry but they blend so well that they are fun to work with.

This is the page I did next. In hindsight I may have had more success if I had gessoed under the face before I began. I had a hard time covering up the background, I kept adding more white paint but still had no luck. Plus the colors all started smearing in ways I didn't want them to. I lightened her up a little in photoshop, she is a lot darker in person.  Lots of lessons learned on this page but its all good when you have learned something.

So if you are feeling stuck in your art try using an art supply you don't use often, it may just surprise you. If you have insomnia I suggest a trip to your studio instead of all that tossing and turning. You'll feel better if you've made some art even if you are a little tired.


  1. Lovely ladies, I've been using oil pastels lately but haven't dare attempt faces yet as they are a little difficult for detailed work but think you've inspired me, much love Jenny

  2. I rarely use my Shiva paint sticks because of the drying time.
    I think you're faces came out well considering how hard it can be to work with this material.
    Kudos to you for turning your insomnia into something positive.

  3. I haven't been brave enough to try the Shiva's. Christy Tomlinson has used them a bunch in her class I am working on but she Modge Podge's over them to make it so she can keep working while they dry. Your faces always amaze me. Brave woman you are!

  4. I have a few Shiva Paint sticks but haven't done much with them. The next time I have a sleepless night maybe I'll give them a try!

    Your faces look great. I like the way the background is slightly visible on the second face.

  5. I love the idea of you creeping around the house in the dead of night to make art. And why not I say - great plan :)


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