Thursday, July 28, 2011

Inspire and Dream Journal

A couple weeks ago I won a give away on my friend Claire's wonderful blog Decide What You Want. It is this beautiful journal that was made by my friend Zorana.

The cover of this journal is so yummy, there is paper and fabric and words.  The spine has bits of fabric and buttons and beads.  Just feeling the fabric on this journal is a wonderful textile experience. I wish you all could hold it in your hands.

The back cover is just as wonderful as the front.

This is the inside cover.  You can see the pocket and to the right all the pages.  As you can see they are different sizes and shapes.  The papers in the journal are just fabulous.

Inside that pocket were 2 ATC's made by Zorana. I just love them.

Inside the back cover is also a pocket that has a zine in it. I just love this journal. I am so grateful to Claire and Zorana, thanks ladies.


  1. You are so blessed. What a lovely gift this is and I love those ATC's. Enjoy.Hugs and blessings

  2. how delightful. this must have nourished your creative soul!

  3. What a beautiful journal, congratulations, Kate! And how wonderful to share what we make with others in this way. I have begun to give my artwork away instead of hoarding it, and this really feels good. What a gift of herself she gave you, Kate. xoO

  4. Claire is such a darling! I'm glad the journal landed in your hands. Thanks for presenting it so nicely! It's been several years since I made it, so it was really interesting to see it. I hope you'll fill it up quickly!

  5. Very beautiful gift, Miss Kate. I am sure you will add some more lovely to it !

  6. WOW!
    This is simply lovely... thank you for sharing.
    Looks so full of yummy textures, paint, paper, fabric, and patterns, delicious!!!
    You lucky gal :]

  7. That is beautiful! I hope you let me hold it in my hands when we get together. Next week is looking crazier than this week but I am determined to find a time to have a paint day/evening with you. I just love hanging out with you.

  8. Oh, my lucky are you! That's a beautiful journal. Zorana's art is always so beautiful.


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