Thursday, July 7, 2011

Flynn is Safe

I was typing up a notice to put on Craiglist this morning when there was scratching at the front door. Flynn is back safe and sound. He was completely drenched and full of pollen or grain pieces.  I figure he came through one of the fields around here where they are irrigating.  He is happily sleeping on the back porch now. What a relief I alternated between trying not to worry and crying buckets of tears.

What a relief this is. Yesterday was not a day I would not like to repeat. It started off with Dave going to town to rent a rug doctor so we could shampoo the carpet. I was moving everything while he was gone. I hadn't gotten all the vacuuming done when the vacuumed died. So we went to town and spent hours going from one store to another. Looking at vacuums and finally decided on getting this.

Its the Dyson DC33 and I absolutely love it. It cost about 3 times more than any other vacuum I have ever bought but I think it is well worth it. I might actually enjoy vacuuming now. Well once we finally got the vacuum we headed home planning to use and start shampooing the carpet. Then of course once we were home we realized Flynn was missing. It was a combination of the garage door being left open in the front and then the inner door open in the back. Flynn just walked out and apparently had a great time. One of our neighbors had seen him but one moment and then he was gone. They felt bad about it so I am glad that I can now reassure them. Last night I think all of our neighbors were driving around looking for him. That was so nice.

He is now sleeping it off on the back porch. He may need a bath later to get all the mud off him. Meanwhile our carpet dries. Since I moved most of the items in my weaving studio out to clean the carpet I kept thinking I should take this opportunity to paint the room. I have been meaning to paint it for some time but just put it off because there is so much to move.  I decided to just have kaos rain a little bit longer.  I'll be looking at paint chips this afternoon.  I am thinking of a shade of aqua. I love the calming feel of that color.


  1. OH! Thank goodness! I've been thinking about him all night! Sorry you had a rough day yesterday. It would be nice to spend time with a big brush and the color aqua. It is just so calming, especially after a day like the one you had yesterday. So glad Flynn is home!

  2. So glad your doggie is home none the worse for wear or his adventure! Hope he doesn't try to repeat it anytime soon.
    Happy vacuuming and painting.

  3. Yea!! I'm glad Flynn is back home safe and sound. I bet he's got some stories to tell about his adventure!

    I've been looking at those Dyson vacuums and would love to have one. Maybe I'll start saving my pennies!!

    Aqua sounds like a great color for a creative room. Have fun!

  4. So glad Flynn is safe & sound. Don't you wish he could tell you about his grand adventure?

    Happy painting!!

  5. Im so glad he is back home! What a horrible worry! I can't imagine. I would have been in a panic the whole time.

  6. I missed yesterday's post ! I am so glad he is home safely is stinky and messy !
    Congrats on the new cool cleaning tool. Lucky lady !
    have fun with color !
    Hugs to you !

  7. I'm so glad he's home,, I just found your blog today and had to read all your posts back so i knew what was going on,, then I got hooked and kept reading,, nice to meet you

  8. YAY! I just knew he would be home safe and sound today! So happy for you--for him! Take care.

  9. Oh I am so glad to hear he is back safe. Give him a pat from me!

  10. So happy for you that Flynn came back!

  11. I'm SO glad for you that Flynn is back, safe and sound. Our cat was missing one day a few years ago and I was SO upset, it was such a relief to find him. Also: congrats on your new vacuum. Ours died last week and I've been trying to talk dh into getting a Dyson.


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