Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Bit of Calm in a Crazy Week

Its been a crazy week, this is the first day I haven't been just running here and there. It feels good to just stay home today. I will head out for an afternoon meditation but that is all I have planned. I seem to need days like this after a series of crazy ones. I have a few pages from my journal to share.

I wanted to try that cutout technique from my last post but I didn't have many pages left in my journal so I just did one cutout and used the graphic available. I used spray inks and stencils on the background, cut out the circle and then the vine was added and embellished.

This is the back of that page so although the vine is the same it does look different on a different background. I tried to use different colors on this vine. I use pitt markers for the colors. I think I will try this technique again in a new journal and use some different shape cutouts and maybe plan a little bit more what can be seen through the cutout.

This page was another spray ink and stencil background. I used charcoal and china marker on the background to highlight areas. I found the crown stamp at Michaels in the $1 bargain bin, what a deal.

On this page I had this wild background and it sat for weeks. I decided this crow wanted to be there. Instead of just painting him black as I normally would, I thought he should be purple. I don't know what he is trying to say but I am sure its important. This is a 2 page spread but I haven't done the other half yet, maybe the crow is looking away from whoever is on the left side of the page.


  1. Lovely pages, really nice combination of colours used - for a crazy week you have managed to do quite a lot well done, much love Jenny

  2. Very nice, Kate. I especially like the crow there, you're right, it wanted to be there. I would like to develop this type of intuition about my backgrounds. xoO

  3. I love these pages... the first to are my favorite.
    Thank you for sharing your talents, always <3

  4. Obvious the fun you are having here. Enjoying all your put togethers and their wonderful outcomes!

  5. love the vines and cut outs.
    I hope the quiet settles in for the rest of the week.
    Hugs !

  6. fantastic crow. all these pages are so great. Im loving the new technique

  7. All these pages are so interesting but I love the crow....and not just because it's purple!


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