Friday, July 8, 2011

A few more benches

Well my poor dog must have had quite the adventure. Wouldn't it be interesting if he could talk and tell me all about it. He couldn't move very well after he came home. I gave him one of his arthritis pills and that seemed to help a little but, all he did is sleep for most of the day. Today he is moving a whole lot better but still recovering from his night out. It amazing how an experience like this takes it out of you emotionally. While Flynn heals I have to do a little healing of my own. So I have just been taking it easy and catching up on my sleep.

So I thought I would treat you to a few more benches from the Greenbelt. These are all part of the Art You Can Sit On project. Here is what I call the Music Bench. The seat is granite.

These four little seats have paw prints I think of them as being bear prints but I guess they could be most any animals.

This is the bike bench. When you sit on the bench you'll find that the bike seats are arm rests. Now how clever is that.

I call this the leaf and bamboo bench.  It is made of metal and is really beautiful in person. My photo did not quite capture it.

The part you sit on imitates bamboo.    I didn't think it would be comfortable to sit on but I found that it is in fact very comfortable.


  1. Poor Flynn! Maybe he won't be so anxious to have an adventure again.

    Love these benches. The bicycle one is my favorite of these although I like that bamboo bench, too.

  2. So glad you got Flynn back :]
    I do wish for a speedy recovery. He must of walked his little heart off.
    Thank you for sharing the photos, these are really neat benches!

  3. what cool, and practical, art! i love cities that invest in these kinds of projects. i feel like your dog today - slow moving!


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