Saturday, July 9, 2011

Morning Rituals

It was a couple weeks ago when I started feeling like my days just kept getting away from me. I never seemed to have time for anything.  I wasn't feeling my usual creative self. My intuition told me that is was time to start my days right with a morning ritual.  I had already started doing Morning Pages again and that was really helping but I felt like I needed more.

I am a member of the Goddess Circle at and I recalled one of the freebies Leonie gave out was all about morning rituals. Leonie gathered together a group of amazing women on the web and they share their morning rituals.  There are some wonderful ideas here. You can get your own copy of it here Just scroll down to the section on e-books and posters, its the second one on the list.

So after reading it I came up with my morning rituals and I love how doing them makes me feel everyday. Here is my list.

* Morning Pages - three pages of longhand writing
* Gratitude, I make a list of things I am grateful for
* Grounding - I do a simple grounding exercise to connect to spirit and the earth.
* Set an intention for the day
* I pick a card from an Oracle deck.  I am using Doreen Virtue's Daily Guidance from your Angels.
* Eat a healthy breakfast
* Movement- I often include some kind of movement, walking, dance, yoga, something to get the body going.

Do you have a morning ritual?


  1. My mornings vary. The best for me one is when I make time to exercise. 30 minutes on treadmill, stomach crunches and bicep curls with ten pound weights.
    It's also time for cereal and blue berries while reading blogs.
    And checking emails. Not very spiritual but I like it. It works for me.

  2. I used to do morning pages but I've gotten out of the habit. Now it's usually a quick peek at emails and a bowl of oatmeal. I think I need to get back into a good routine. I like your idea of setting an intention and also making a gratitude list.... another thing I used to do.

  3. i like to spend a few minutes before getting out of bed to "take stock" of my life: reflect, plan my day, say a prayer, and get in the right frame of mind to start the day. i will have to check out those oracle cards.

  4. I have a morning routine which has changed recently to include more responsibilities (like feeding the chickens). However, I love it because I'm alone.

    I am hobbled without a morning quiet time that includes spiritual input, tea, and playing QRANK (a cultural trivia game that is the ONLY game I've ever played on a tech device or computer). I wake up with a sense of dread and if I hit the QRANK (it takes 5 minutes right away it calms me so that I can do the rest. Funny, isn't it?

    Then I feed the chickens, make the bed, start some chores and hopefully read a bit more before I take a bath and get dressed.

    It takes a few hours so I have to get up super early if I am working my husband's office, but it's worth it.


  5. I drink my coffee watching the birds in the garden, I read the word for today and daily enlightenment apps on my ipod and then its time to get the kids to school then I try and do some kind of exercise be it yoga, cycling etc and then art ideas usually pop into my head and I will do little bits of art throughout the day in the middle of my other chores


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