Wednesday, July 20, 2011

The Results of De-Cluttering

For the past month or so I have been working on de-cluttering and organizing my stuff.  The most recent result was my weaving room, before that my office and desk and my art studio. The past couple of days I tackled the bedroom.  I cleaned out the closet and dresser and nightstand in two bedrooms.  I am now seeing such beautiful order that I truly love.

When I walk by my weaving room and see the beautiful color my heart smiles.  It was so worth all the work removing everything, painting and then re-organizing it all.  It gives me a lift every time I see it.

So back to de-cluttering there are the obvious results from doing it like getting rid of the old, letting go of what  no longer serves you and so on. I think it really makes you feel lighter when you have less to deal with, less to manage. One thing I have found is that we really don't realize all the things we have. In moving most of my possessions around I discovered many things I had forgotten about. One of them was this mandala I drew several years ago.  It was for an exercise for healing from this book

I can't even remember what I was trying to heal but I think the mandala is beautiful in its own right. The  author has you do exercises in white pencil on black paper first and then you graduate to color. I think colored pencil looks especially vibrant on black.

Have you ever found anything interesting when you have cleaned or de-cluttered your house?


  1. De-clutter... can be such a great healing process! :]
    Really like your mandala.
    I had posted a topic, awhile back, about mandalas.
    Check it out if you are interested-
    enjoy <3

  2. I believe in the power of the mandala - mediative !
    I also believe in the power of the declutter. I believe the time is a coming for me soon...
    Happy wednesday, Kate !

  3. I continuously declutter--I pretty much have to, since I have limited room, and have learned how to let go of things to release them to go and bless other people. Then the new things can come in and my living space reflects who I am. Good for you for doing so much so intensely; I haven't ever done it this way, and I'm sure that it makes a very impactful difference! xoO

  4. This year de-clutter has been my middle name. And yet there's still more to get rid of every time I look around. Your mandala is beautiful. You should frame it and hang it in one of your studios.

  5. I have to agree with everything janet has said - even the decluttering bit... I dont know where my stuff comes from either! But its great when you do unearth a forgotten treasure! enjoy!

  6. Hi Kate - i think when we de-clutter it's not only good for the house but for our minds and souls to. i always find that when i start a sort-out and discover hidden and long forgotten things that I feel a little guilty for having so much stuff. My mom is an expert at living with less and I try to aspire to that - but then again when you are a creative being you sometimes just have to have stuff but order is diffidently the prize either way.

  7. De-cluttering is sacred work. It is amazing what we find hidden away.I do believe in bringing + chi into our spaces.
    Once I found my "dreams" buried under a pile of what nots.
    That was enlightening. Meanwhile I still have HUGE well as lots of soul work to do.


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