Friday, December 12, 2014

A Little of This a Little of That

Here at the studio I have been creating in full force but alas since they are all gifts I won't be sharing on the blog.

I can show you these small loaves of banana bread.  I made them as gifts to give my neighbors.  I had to figure out how to cook them.  The internet said 35 minutes but that was not enough.  An original recipe cooks for 1 hour and I cooked these for 45 minutes.  I got 3 loaves from one recipe. I ended up eating one of them.  So yummy when warm.

I didn't know what else I would blog about till we got a phone call.  Can you help move cows?
This is our neighbor Ladd, taking down the electric fence. The cows are way in the back.

Here Dave is waiting while we get everyone in place.  My job was further down the road.  I was to stop any traffic or wayward cows.

Crossing the road.

Here they didn't want to cross the railroad tracks, they were enticed by some good eating.  The headed back to the road and there are no pics because I was busy getting them back to where we wanted them to be.

The last of the stragglers getting to where they needed to go. Well you never know how life is going to surprise you. Today I had my first experience moving cows, no cowboys on horseback just some average people bonding together to get a tricky job done.

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  1. Seeing those cows makes me think of my grandpa's cattle ranch. Brings back fond memories.
    Yum...I love banana bread. I've never made the smaller loaves but they would be great for gifts.


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