Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Returning To Sketching

I have been missing making art in my sketchbook so I grabbed it and did some church drawings. The woman is from a magazine image. I was going to just leave this page with pen and ink but then remembered that a little color can always make a drawing come to life. I used cheap watercolors to add the color in this piece.

I drew this from a photograph. I am using a new pen and oh I love this pen.  Its a soft Fudenosuke Brush Pen by Tombow. You can get them at At only 2.50 this pen is a steal. If you want a fine line you use it as normal, you want to get a thicker line you just use more pressure.  Its like having a fine liner and a brush pen in one.

This I drew in church from life. I used pen and then watercolor pencils and a waterbrush. I put the quilt and wall hanging in last. I was not sure how it would work but I was glad I tried it because it looks good.  Art is all about taking risks, sometimes we are willing and other times fear takes a hold. Each time that I find myself being a little bit bolder, it gets a little easier. Sometimes we need to take small steps to reach big goals.


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