Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Happy Holidays

As I sit writing this on Christmas Eve morning I send out a wish for you to have a wonderful holiday season in whichever way that you celebrate. Hanukkah is now over with as is the Winter Solstice, and Yule was originally a 12 day festival, so its time is still upon us as is Christmas and Kwanza. Enjoy your celebrations, whatever they may be.

This is the journal page spread I did for the Winter Solstice. From the darkness to the light.  It was fun doing some collage for it this year. I have been spending my time baking, finishing last minute gifts and watching favorite Christmas movies as many of you have.  All that hustle and bustle before the big day.  Memories of love ones passed pop into my head as I listen to music they loved or remember times gone by.  Such sweet memories.  My mom died in December a week before the holiday many years ago, but its not been a sad time for me. So many can not enjoy the holidays after a connection like this. I know that my mother would want a party to be going on and she'd want to be at the center of it.  I mourn her loss more on her birthday than on the anniversary of her death. If this is an issue for you I hope you can see beyond the sadness and celebrate in a way that you can.

Merry Christmas,


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  1. Happy Holidays to you and your family, Kate.

    I think we all mourn our loved ones in different ways. I lost my mom very close to my own birthday, and my grandma near Christmas but I continue to celebrate these holidays, and like you, I think of my loved ones most on their birthdays.


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