Monday, December 8, 2014

Full Cold Moon / Elder Moon

I am continuing this month in doing a Vision board for the Full Cold Moon.  For inspiration I am using the e-book Bloom by Moon by Amy Palko. She offers insights from 4 different traditions. Celtic, Native American, Astrology and various traditions around the world.  I usually look at both the Celtic and Native American to see which resonated with me the most. Native AMericans call this the Cold Moon. In the Celtic tradition it is called the Elder Moon and is all about endings, coming full circle.  Although I started to focus on the cold moon there really is only one image on my board that reflects this, the icy drink.  I think this is more representative of the elder moon.  There is so many images from nature here. I have always felt connected to trees but lately I seem to be painting and collaging them all the time.  I do believe there is something deep here they are trying to teach me. Funny how that works. I have really felt that I am coming to the end of some things and am ready to embrace some new ones so its fitting to my own life experience. I love the process of all of this.



  1. I used to create a monthly full moon dreamboard through jamie Ridler. But then she raised issues with using magazine images and I stopped. But I do miss it. I love yours and Amy's books looks amazing. I ordered the book and plan to get back into the practice in 2015. Thanks!

    1. Bev, So glad it resonated with you and I look forward to seeing your work in 2015. Since I started putting them in a sketchbook I find I do it more. I also think being able to look over the year at all my boards will be great.


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