Monday, December 29, 2014

My Year In Review

2014 An Incredible Year

I had one major event for 2014 and that was taking the trip to Ireland. I have wanted to do it for a long time. It was the focus of most of the year, from hearing in January that my husband was going to give me the money to go, to the months of planning, and taking the actual trip. To learning so much about myself on the journey. There were trials and joys and wondrous experiences to behold.

Here I am standing in front of the Padden homestead.  My great grandfather Luke Padden lived here.

Here I am with my cousin Tommie Padden. We met via email through a historical society and discovered we shared a great great grandfather. It was awesome to meet my Padden relatives.

I also went to England where I was able to meet some online friends.  Here I am with my long time friend Claire Sauer.

I got to meet another friend Donna Higton.

and getting to meet Lisa Wright was such a treat.

What else happened in 2014, well there were a lot of things.  

I had a major car accident in May, right before my trip. My car was totaled and I wasn't totally healed before I had to leave but I went anyway. I got a new car that I loved but I do miss my old one.  

I was a manifesting machine this year.  Besides getting the money for the trip, I won spots in 21 Secrets Live, and Spectrum.  In addition to the art courses I got a scholarship to work with a writing coach. My goal was to finish my book but that didn't happen, too many other things intervened. So that goal will be extended into 2015. Also for 2015 I won a spot in Mandala Magic. I feel blessed indeed.

We got a new dog, Belle has been a delight and she has had a great impact on our lives. She is my new walking partner.

I taught an online class for 21 Secrets Fall. It was so great to be a part of this wonderful group of teachers. I was also part of an interview series with many artists. My interview for 21 Secrets conversations can be found here.

In July my daughter came home for a visit.  We had the best fun going to the Montana Folk Festival. Here she is on the right with her friend Brenna.

I discovered the wonderful courses Sketchbook Skool.  A video I made for them was chosen to be a part of the free class they are now having.  This link will get you the free course.

My year was not all filled with exciting things. In November I had a return of Bells Palsy. I thought iI had healed that out of my life so this was a real surprise.  The only thing you can do is reduce stress. So that is what I have been doing, slowing down, letting go of things and finding a new way to live. 
My word of the year was Self Care and I had numerous occasions to practice it and learn what it means for me. Its not always what you think its going to be.

In conclusion 2014 was a year filled with ups and downs and goals fulfilled and some still ongoing. I find that all years are pretty much this way.  They are not all good or all bad, just a combination of the two.  

I am ready to start anew with 2015.  Here is a toast to make 2015 the best year ever.

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  1. May the new year bring you colorful and bright adventures, dear Kate!
    Love and love light to you!


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