Monday, December 15, 2014

Winter Bonfire

I attended a winter bonfire Saturday night.  There just it something about a bonfire that is so appealing. Especially when its cold outside. You are drawn to the fire by both its light and its heat. This was a fundraiser given by a friend for the local men's shelter. There were hot soups and lots of treats and new friendships formed. A nice way to spend the evening and the shelter received many needed supplies.

This morning we got some snow so Belle wanted to go play.  We took a nice walk out in the field across the street. We have been seeing Trumpeter Swans in the field most days.  Today I could hear them but had trouble seeing them.  I love it when they fly overhead.

A simple mandala that came onto my page the other day.

This is a page I did awhile ago.  Its started with a circle of paper and then just grew from there. I think it looks like a dreamcatcher.

I drew this face on an index card as I was waiting for photos to upload. I find doing little bits of art on index cards is sort of fun.  I have a stack on my desk so they are easily accessible. If you find you can't get to any art making give index cards a try. I think the key is to have supplies easily accessible. Then you have no excuses, you just do it I think I may take this one and tape it into a journal.

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  1. Love the art...and a bonfire is one of my favorite things. As close as I can come lately is a fire in the fireplace and we've been doing that every night this week. It's finally chilly here.


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