Wednesday, March 18, 2015

In My Journal - Back To The Sea

This two page spread had me longing for the ocean, the sea, that great body of water that is so far away from me.


I so love to work with these colors. All the doodling was so much fun. I could spend hours just creating patterns and see what happens next. This kind of page feeds my soul in ways that others don't. Someday I hope to live by the sea, I don't know if that will ever happen. At minimum I would love to be closer so a trip to the ocean doesn't take all day.

Is there a place where you would like to live?


  1. At the moment it takes me three days to drive to my cottage for the summer months - from Manitoba to southern Ontario in Canada. I hope to move back to Ontario within a year. Then I will be truly home.

    1. That is quite the trip. My daughter lives in Portland, and I am in Idaho. Anytime I visit, a 12 hour drive I like to work in a trip to the ocean. That means another 1 1/2 to the coast. Lately she has visited me so its been awhile. Journaling helps bringing back the feeling.



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