Wednesday, March 11, 2015

What Do Your Pinterest Boards Say About You

My daughter is visiting from Portland for a few days so there is no art to share.  So I am sharing an article that I shared in my newsletter back in January.

Have you fallen in love with Pinterest yet. If you are not on Pinterest let me tell you what it is all about. Its a collection site where you can pin things that you have found on the Internet. It keeps them all in one place in nice orderly folders. You can also like something which puts it all in one continuous stream of images. I find that helpful when I want to be inspired but don't have a category in mind. That is not all it is though. You can also follow other people's boards and they can follow you. Say you create a board about Art journaling and follow a few other people who have done the same. Any time they post a new pin it will show up in your feed. You have the opportunity to pin more things than if you didn't follow anyone. It creates a whole world of people out there collecting the same thing you do. I have found some pretty amazing things that way.You can also search Pinterest categories and find things that way. I only do that when my followers are not pinning what I am looking for.

Sometimes I go along pinning things but never go back to look at what I have collected. If you do that they what really is the point. Now I regularly go back and look at my boards. As I looked through my boards for ideas for dinner and drawing I thought.

"What does my collection of boards say about me." 

I have 76 boards which seems like a lot at first look. I have pinned 2,808 things and have liked 332 of them. I have 8 boards related to animals, 6 related to food, 8 boards related to writing,17 boards relating to art. The is a smattering of other boards in a variety of categories and some that can fit into multiple categories. When I look at all those boards, I can see what I spend my time on. I can see what I am attracted to. I can see the beginning of plans and dreams to make one or another thing reality. I have found many recipes that I now cook regularly. I have created several craft items from my boards along with being inspired in my own art by what I collected. 
From the tutorials I have learned how to do new things. It's also a place when I can post my own art to inspire others.

Take a look at your Pinterest Boards and see what they say about you. Are they a representative of your life?  What dreams do you have that are not represented there. Maybe starting a board about it will jump start a desire or passion that could become your life's work. The possibilities are endless.


  1. Pinterest is where I browse and look at things but Clipix is where I keep my ideas. I like its format better. I do have a few Pinterest boards but I seldom add to them. I do go back and look at my boards on Clipix. And I'm constantly editing out things that no longer interest me.

  2. That was interesting. Yes. Pinterest is terrific, and some other people's boards are so fascinating.


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