Monday, March 23, 2015

Marbling With Nail Polish

My daughter sent me a pin from Pinterest so I thought I would give it a try. Marbling with nail polish sounded fascinating.

Here are the papers I made. The instruction can be found on this blog.  A couple words of advice. You have to do this outside, the smell of the nail polish can be unpleasant. You really have to work fast. Drip in the polish swirl it around and add your paper.  I found watercolor paper worked the best. Also have nail polish remover on hand, you will need it.  I also wore gloves.  Any utensils or pan you use will be a mess afterwards. I bought a cheap dispan to use for the process.

A closer look on one of the pages. Often I think I added too much polish. With the limited color range I think this turned out better.

This one looked like a flower to me. So I grabbed a black sharpee poster paint water soluble marker and went to town on it.

It was so much fun to doodle on this page. I'll glue it into one of my art journals.  The other papers will become either cards of parts of new journal pages. I think doodling on them is a great way to use them.

Now would I do this again, probably not. I used polish I had on hand and if I had to go buy all these colors, it would be cost prohibitive.  I think it would make more sense to get a marbling kit.


  1. wow, your doodling on there definitely makes it completely gorgeous....

  2. Wow! Kate, your papers are beautiful! And the one where you doodled is so really brought out the design.


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