Tuesday, March 24, 2015

The Art Of Work

I started following Jeff Goins work last year. I joined his 500 words group on facebook and enjoyed the inspiring posts he creates for writers. His new book comes out today. I signed up to be a part of his launch team for selfish reasons. I just wanted to know what a launch team did and how it worked. The surprise for me was how good this book truly was. I knew that Jeff was a good writer but I had no idea what a pivotal book he had written.

The art of work is all about finding your life purpose, your calling, what you were meant to do in the world.  Is that all its is? Its peppered with examples of real people's lives, exploring how they found their calling and how they keep it all going. The stories are heart wrenching and inspiring too. These are people you are going to love to hear about. I was

As I read the book I recognized myself in the trials of the examples shared.  Not only does Jeff take you through all the steps of discovering your calling but he also guides you with steps to stay the course. Its full of wisdom for everyone. My copy is full of underlined passages, way too many to include here. I can't recommend it highly enough.  The Art of Work is now available on Amazon and other bookseller outlets.

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