Thursday, July 29, 2010

A day at the Zoo


I headed to the Zoo yesterday to the so the drawing lab exercise that is done there. First I tried drawing the lions but they kept getting up and moving on me.

Then I tried the zebra's which are so fun but I had forgotten to take an eraser and my zebras look mutated. They have a new colt who was so cute but  he was hard to get a picture of since he was always behind  his mom.

Then there was this great tortoise that walked this long way right to me. Then it just stared at me for awhile, it was really cool.

My best drawing was of the camel, as camels don't move very much.  He was kind of cute in his own way. It was a fun day but next time I will go when its cooler.

Prayer Flags

I hung up the flags I received so far. I think they really look fantastic.

Here is another look at them. I am expecting some more and I will add another string of them then. Pretty soon my yard will be full of art.

I attached Olivia's flag over here with the glitter sister flags from last year.  I love the Goddess in the labyrinth that she drew.

Here is a close up of Olivia's flag, she wrote a beautiful letter that really is Art to me.

Sarah will post something tomorrow after my surgery.  The good news is they are going to do it laparascopicly so that should be easier on me.


  1. Sounds like a fun day at the zoo. Good luck tomorrow I will be sending prayers your way. Love Hugs and Blessings

  2. Me too, prayers tomorrow! I love how the prayer flag worked out to be words as art because I know that you love both words and art. It will be good to hear from Sarah tomorrow, and I know that things will go well.

    Good for you for being able to get it done laparascopically--fantastic! I wasn't so lucky as I had a large tumor attached to my uterus, so I think you are very fortunate.

    Healing blessings, and much love,


  3. Sending extra positive vibes out to you for tomorrow.

  4. Be safe, and be well...I didn't get to make you a prayer flag, I have been busy with family and forgot!!! So here is LOVE from me to you...Love, Mary

  5. Warmest wishes to you as you go into surgery. Hope all goes well. I'll be thinking about you from the other side of the pond.

  6. I love your camel!
    Hope your surgery went well and you're feeling great pretty soon again.


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