Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Prayer Flags


I worked on this page last night and decided to try a technique I saw Mystele use. This figure started out as a mannequin stamp and I just painted on the rest of the body. Then I tried to make it into something which is where my struggle began. It seems that even though I turned the page into a discourse on loneliness I still feel that it needs something else. I think the figure is too small for the page without something else going on. Sometimes page don't go the way you had planned but that is Art Journaling for you. At thesee moments I think you have to let them go and just move on to the next page.

Prayer Flags

I have gotten several flags in the mail from blogger friends and they are all wonderful.  This one is from Lee.

This one from Janet shows a heart connecting two blogging friends.

I love the angel on this one and the wonderful words.  Its from Paula

This one is from Lisa I like to think I will emerge in a new way after this.

This one is from my friend
Kelley  I really love the prayer she wrote.

These are all fantastic, thank you ladies. I am expecting a few more and when they are all strung and hanging I will take another picture.

I started work on my mailbox, painted on the address and a Raven and then realized where the flag sits might be a  problem and it was.  It completely covered the address  So back to spray painting over the address, this is the second time I have had to do that.  Its going to take several coats before I can begin again.  Rats, I hate when that happens.



  2. I can't wait to see them all hanging. They are awesome. Hey! And did anyone tell you your journal pages are not rectangle? I LOVE it. Beautiful.

  3. Can't wait to see them all together. I always seem to have a problem with journal pages not feeling finished. I think it's because I go too long between pages or something.

  4. Love the journal page and the flags. I have you one done now I must get to the PO which I am bad about. Love Hugs Blessings and Prayers

  5. I am still working on mine but this post got me off my duff to do the "hard part" last night. I always get scared when I do something that I think I "can't mess up" (which isn't really true because I know you don't mind so-called mistakes). Glad to work past my fears. Peace and blessings, O

    PS These are gorgeous!


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