Saturday, July 17, 2010

Lark Rise to Candleford

On Friday I went and got half of my hair chopped off.  Oh it feels so much lighter. What do you think?

I have been working on the Creative Awakening Milestone pass port.  First you make the little booklet out of cardstock and then decorate the first few pages with maps. here is the Visa application from the book that I cut down so it would fit. It is basically a contract sytating you will work on the books exercises.

Then I worked on the next pages with My Rockstar photo and then a childhood one.  I have hardly any photos from my childhood.  In this one I have tried on new school clothes. I think I might be 14 or 15 here.

Not much else to report with the high temps we have been having my energy seems to be lacking.  I've been knitting and watching all my recorded episodes of Lark Rise to Candleford.  I think I may be in love with Robert Timmons or maybe its Brendan Coyle the actor who plays him or probably a combination of the two.  He is such a nice man and I  really like the actress who plays Emma too. It funny how we can be drawn into characters lives and loves on a TV show. But then it is based on an autobiographical novel.  I think the first two seasons are on DVD now. Where I live its on Wednesday nights on PBS.  If you like a good story or period dramas you will love it. You can not help but like the characters and find yourself rooting for them in all their trials.


  1. love the hair, girl! it suits you well, beautiful lady.

  2. Your new hair cut looks great!

    I haven't seen that TV program but it sounds like something I'd like. I'll check it out.

  3. I love the journal pages.
    And YAY for a new due!

  4. The new hair is soooo good, Kate ! It definitely lightens you and brings attention to those lovely eyes.
    I love to see you going for it with teh CReative Awakenings book. That Rockstar photo is awesome !
    Enjoy the keeping cool pass times. Happy Sunday !

  5. I like your haircut too, Kate. I like how it turns under and looks really thick and healthy.

    Very interesting idea for an art book "visa application". I have to do a real one, lots of paperwork, not so pretty :)

    Very nice, My Queen, have a good Sacred Life Sunday, O

  6. Your haircut looks great. Doesn't it feel wonderful to get a new look for a while?

    When I watch TV shows or read book series, I get sucked into the stories and the characters' lives too. It's liked they become my friends in a way and when the show or series end, I miss their presence!


  7. Great new hairstyle. It must feel so much lighter! I must do something with mine one day soon!
    I have never seen Larkrise to Candleford or heard of it before... is it like Jane Austin's period pieces?

  8. Kate, You're Gorgeous!! Love the do :D :D
    I'm like you too, don't have many photo's of candid shots growing up!! Man, are our kids going to be overwhelmed with their pictures :D

  9. Love your new haircut - very pretty!!


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