Thursday, July 8, 2010

What a fun day

It is so exciting to find that there is another blogger who does mixed media right in your own town.   I have wanted some local Art friends but just didn't know how to find them and then one found me, I think that is pretty cool.

The lovely and sweet Jolene came to visit today. We planned to get to know each another a little more and work on our journals. You can see her blog here

She brought along this  prayer flag that she made for me to hang in my garden. I just love it.

This Is Jolenes's page, it is in the shape of a question mark. How cool is that. She is doing pages for a journal following the book  Creative Awakenings: Envisioning the Life of Your Dreams Through Art. In addition she has really taken with Ingrid Dijikers article in the latest Art Journaling Magazine. Its all about not having a rectangular shape to your page.

Here is my page, I took her example and made a page with differente edges. I actually did it to all three sides. I started with the pennants by painting them all yellow and then more paint and stamping. Oh what to do next, I thought circles and then I drew the circles and painted them and then I drew some more. They sort of reminded me of river rocks. I cut around the rocks to make that edge different. I had drawn these scallop on the other side and then decided to cut the paper away too. I love how this page turned out.

Here we are after an afternoon of art. Thanks to Sarah for taking our picture. Wow this is fun to sit and journal with someone else. I did this once with my friend Kate but its been a long time. There was an exchange of techniques that was fantastic. Jolene showed me how to draw on metal with a stylus.  Now I have no excuse I may just have to make that journal for Creative Awakenings and begin that book too. I shared a tip for StazOn Ink pads and enticed Jolene with my Tim Holtz ruler. She had a chance to look at all my collaborative books.  We really had a fun afternoon. It is great to have someone to share your mixed media passion with.


  1. You had a great time and it shows! I love your page with all the different edges. It's so fun to work on something other than a boring rectangle shape, isn't it?

  2. I am so excited that you have an arty friend close by now ! It is such a treat, isn't it ? Yay !
    Love Ingrid Dijikers' stuff - how fun ! I did some work with Creative Awakenings last summer - it is a wonderful book and very very inspiring.
    Keep up the great healing play, Wonderful One !

  3. The smiles on your faces shows how much you both enjoyed the day. That's so great that you have an art friend right there in your town. (Sigh)....I wish I could find one here. I love the prayer flag she made and the message it has.

  4. Awesome to have a local artist to play with.
    Looks like fun Kate!

  5. It WAS a fun day. It was so nice to play at your house, to meet your daughter (also very talented), see your journals and get to know you better. All in all, a great day. Thank you so much. Can't wait to do it again. You're the best!


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