Friday, July 2, 2010


I had the most fun thing happen tonight.  This evening I headed over to Barnes and Noble to see if this magazine was out.  I saw that there were only 3 copies so I grabbed one and then headed over to the mixed media section.  There were two women standing there so I walked around them and started looking at the books.

I had wanted to see if the book Drawing Lab was there.

 I saw the two women chatting and I think I said something and the woman looked at me and said "Are you Kate, and I said yes and she said I'm Jolne."  Oh we laughed at that.  Well you see Jolene had commented on a post and we realized we lived in the same town and have been planning to get together and meet but it just had not happened yet. We have mostly scrapbookers in  my town so it was so exciting to find another mixed media person.

We were looking at all the new books and she pulled out one and said oh I am excited because this on the way.  The book she pulled out was Drawing Lab. So I did get a chance to look at it.  We also realized we both were carrying a copy of Art Journaling.  Oh that was just too much fun. Wow more synchronisicity.

I wished I had my camera with me so I would have had pictures to post but I didn't.  It was one of those fun moments where you meet someone where you instantly have a bond.  We must of stood there for fifteen minutes or more just gabbing away about mixed media art and blogs and books we liked or wanted to buy. We still plan to have a day for a real meeting but this spontaneous one was fantastic.  It was so nice to finally meet you Jolene.


  1. Your blog world has intersected your real life!! How cool is that? I'd be another lady with that Somerset Art Journaling magazine in my hand :D

  2. LOVED meeting you in person. So glad we had that opportunity yesterday. I am loving my new "Art Journaling" magazine and it reminds me of the way it helped us connect yesterday. So fun!

    And Eden, here's a good lesson I learned: Always be sure to talk to ANYONE with "Art Journaling" in their hands!

  3. How cool! That never happens to me. I'm usually the only one in the artsy section of our local bookstore! And that book is on my list for the next time I go.


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